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Agriya getlancer is not just like other Freelancer clone sites, since we integrate the best and most popular features from a range of sites such as eLance, Scriptlance, Odesk, vWorker and Guru to create the ultimate freelancer clone marketplace software. If you are looking for a Freelancer clone, Scriptlance clone, Guru Clone, Odesk clone or eLance clone then this product is for you! Agriya getlancer is a software, that helps you to run your own freelancing/bidding site. It has lots of additional features such as multiple revenue options, user friendly employer dashboard, advanced freelancer dashboard, efficient admin area, plug-in options, escrow handling, milestones, dispute modules etc., when compared to other freelancing sites. You can enable/disable features according to your wish.

Hire Online Workers. Get the Project Done.

Find a Freelancers

Go to Find Freelancers, pick the freelancer, whose profile matches your desired one.

View work in progress

You can manage your work by setting milestone, contact freelancer, manage escrow accounts etc...

Staff up and down

You can rate the people by giving review as per the projects done.

Find and Hire Skilled Freelancers

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Agriya getlancer Advantages

  1. 1. Complete freelance bidding system
  2. 2. Has many revenue options such as Project Listing Fee, Site Commission, Urgent Listing Fee, Featured Fee, Job Listing Fee, Commission on Escrow.
  3. 3. Allowing dual user type (Employer & Freelancer) - which can be turned off
  4. 4. gzip and file based caching for high performance and high traffic sites
  1. 5. Multilingual support
  2. 6. With MVC and plugin based architecture
  3. 7. Growth hacking plugin for improving user growth
  4. 8. Integrated dispute module along with activities tracking page.
  5. 9. Smart implementation of SudoPay Payment Gateway.
  1. 10. High performance and cloud ready
  2. 11. Mobile friendly
  3. 12. Streamlined workflow and hence no maintenance headaches
  4. 13. Actively under development with customer suggestions and requests

Clone of

  • freelancer
  • guru
  • elance
  • odesk
  • scriptlance
  • peopleperhour
  • microworkers
  • redbeacon